Anand Ahuja has set a no phone policy for his would-be wife Sonam Kapoor


The entire nation is talking about the Sonam–Anand wedding which is likely to take place in two days. The lovebirds Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are two big shots where there will be seen holding a big fat Punjabi wedding in Mumbai.

All the limelight and attention of media is on the two and each and every single bit of information is been shared by the fans who are very eager to get all the paparazzi about their wedding. We all know that the Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor is a diva and she is very much addicted to her social media. It is said that out of like 24 hours, Sonam uses the social media for almost 18 hours and it’s a fact.

No phone policy before sleeping – by Anand Ahuja

If you happen to see her Instagram account, Sonam Kapoor is all busy with uploading all her gifts received from friends and nearby people and she is flaunting all her wedding preps and much more on her account. She is been loaded with gifts and wishes flowing in her pocket. She is all slaying to be in her best for her wedding and why not also, after all, it’s the diva getting married.

The social media queen, Sonam in her recent conversation with the First Post’s show, had shared about the no phone policy deed between her and Anand Ahuja. She spoke about the rule and said, “It is a rule basically Anand has put on both of us. Right before I sleep I have to put my phone on charging in the bathroom or I charge it in the hall of other room.”

It’s an impressive rule made up Anand who very well knew that keeping the phone away from Sonam is not a piece of cake. And also I personally feel that every couple must follow this rule and spend most of the time with each other and not over the phone.

Talking about the great grand wedding to take place, all the preparations are gearing up at a vast level and all eyes are shut close to grab all the details. Anand and Sonam Kapoor with their marriage announcement have become the most limelight people and their wedding will not be a private affair.

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