Amitabh Bachchan Turns Grammar Teacher, Corrects Mistake Of Alia Bhatt’s Tweet


Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan starrer of Dharma Productions’ venture Brahmastra always stuck to the news. And, this time Big B has turned a teacher to rectify Alia’s mistake in a tweet.

Alia tweeted praising Big B, “Working with AB has been supreme greatness! Today @SrBachchan packed up an hour before the actual pack up but he stayed back on set just to give ques! I can’t begin to explain the amount of things I am learning on set just by watching him!!!!”

Then, Sr. Bachchan turns grammar teacher and rectify Alia’s tweet mistake and said, “Yo .. Alia , you are the best .. thank you for the generosity .. and .. err .. its ‘cues’ not ‘ques’ .. you are just tooooo cute !!”

So, cutie pie also explained why she calls him, “Yes yes I call him AB cause that’s the term of endearment we’ve all agreed to Thank you for being so wonderful sir!!! Can’t wait to get back onto set with you, Ayan and Ranbir for some more Brahmastra madness! [sic]”, she tweeted.

However, the veteran actor took to his blog earlier said, “It is a bit awkward for me to be in the midst of this production where the average age onset is about 26 and I am the largest misfit at 76. I mean this is ridiculous 76 !.”



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