After 37 years, Govinda thanked ‘dancing uncle’ for copying his dance so beautifully …


Sanjeev Shrivastava famous as ‘dancing uncle’  is getting huge popularity on the internet with his killer dance moves. He professionally is an electronic professor in Bhabha Engineering Research Institute in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. His dance moves are related with that of Govinda. And recently Govinda also commented on ‘Dancing Uncle’ in an interview. See what Govinda has to say-


Govinda thanked Sanjeev for beautifully presenting this song of his film Khudgarz after 37 years. When asked about how Govinda feels on watching his dance the actor said “accha lagta hai…It’s nice too see somebody copying you.” He also added that when I see my work especially that is done with honesty and dedication by me, being repeated by someone from the public at weddings and functions it makes him feel good.


Govinda also told that people who talk about your personality should be like this or that, they should look at dancing uncle’s video. He says ‘usme dekhiye pet nikla hua hai aur wo thirak rahe hai’. According to Govinda his dance looks alive and thanked him for copying the dance style this good and wished him good luck for his future life. Having received much appreciation by politicians and celebrities Sanjeev is also appointed as brand ambassador of municipal corporation in Vidisha. He is die hard fan of Govinda and his performance on song ‘Aapke aa jane se’ is getting viral on social media.

Sanjeev was performing in a wedding with his wife and someone uploaded this video on internet which took internet by storm. Young girls are shaking legs like him and his moves are being copied by many. Sanjeev’s mother was a trained dancer and he considers his mother as biggest inspiration. He had been performing since years but never thought of posting it on social media. The chief minister of M.P., ‘Shivraj Singh Chouhan’ also praised Sanjeev and was proud with his overnight fame.


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