AccuWeather to provide essential weather content for entertainment media player app, VuLiv


AccuWeather, one of the fastest growing provider of forecasts and warnings and a global leader in digital media and weather-related big data, has announced that it will provide VuLiv, a mobile-based player app, with detailed weather information for all global locations. AccuWeather will provide weather data, which will power the VuLiv player app on multiple Android smartphone devices. The app will be available to download at the Google Play Store and iTunes.

VuLiv aims to be “one home for entertainment,” infusing both on-device and online entertainment content such as music, videos, movies, and weather updates, all on a single platform for the user to consume and avoiding the need to download multiple apps. In addition to being a native on-device media player, VuLiv’s machine-learning algorithm studies the user’s activity and suggests related online content accordingly. Included on the pre-loaded VuLiv app will be AccuWeather, which will provide current weather conditions, a 5-Day forecast, an hourly forecast up to 120 hours, astronomy, health and lifestyle indices, and weather-related imagery for all global locations including over 630,000 Indian locations. AccuWeather’s content is readily available when users engage with their personal or online media, providing them with personalized weather updates, so people can make more informed decisions throughout their day and improve their lives.

“AccuWeather is pleased to be a part of VuLiv’s global media viewing experience,” said Vincent McDonald, Chief International Strategy Officer at AccuWeather. “As the leading global weather provider, partnering with VuLiv allows us to stay at the forefront of ever-evolving technology and offer our users a unique media viewing experience. The media player will bring weather, entertainment, shopping, and more under one umbrella, allowing us yet another way to provide users all over the world the best and most innovative forecasts available.”

Manoj Kumar Gupta, Founder of VuLiv, said “As consumers spend more and more time viewing audio/video entertainment on their devices, it’s important to keep them armed with breaking information regarding weather and the environment around them. With this partnership, VuLiv will not only provide a rich entertainment watching experience to the consumer but also real-time, accurate weather forecasts from global leader AccuWeather. This ensures that while being engaged in a media viewing experience on-the-go, a consumer is seamlessly well-informed of the changing temperature and weather conditions around the globe to plan outings better, make better decisions, thus helping them save precious time, all from just one platform, VuLiv.”


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