A Kid like Jake trailer: Leave aside Priyanka Chopra, the little kid is the real star of this movie


Priyanka Chopra’s second Hollywood movie outing, A Kid Like Jake is no ordinary tale. It’s emotional in parts and heart melting in others. Bollywood’s desi girl, Priyanka Chopra provides the much essential support to this drama, but the movie never really belonged to her. The kid is its real star and he shines brightly throughout the trailer. Claire Danes and Jim Parsons are vulnerable in parts and there are few scenes where you actually feel for them. With barely three scenes allotted to Priyanka, there’s very little scope for her to stand out but we hope the movie has more in store.

The trailer successfully depicts the plight of parents whose son suffers from a gender identity disorder. He’s a boy who likes to dress as a girl and loves to play with Barbie dolls. He’s confused and his parents are worried if his confusion will be a hurdle for him once he starts attending kindergarten. Claire Danes and Jim Parsons are bang on as doting parents who are fighting their inner fears to accept the child’s confusion. Although they live comfortably in a spacious Brooklyn duplex, like others, they still don’t have enough to afford the astronomical costs of sending gifted Jake to a private school next year when he starts kindergarten. This is where Octavia Spencer comes in place. She’s the director of a local pre-school where Jake – the kid is studying at present. She helps them with ideas on how to get him admitted to a private school. Priyanka, in her few seconds appearances, has an impact but that’s strictly for the audiences who know her. Otherwise, her appearance could be well tagged as a blink and miss one. Check out the movie trailer below that will make you adore the little Jake instantly.

A Kid Like Jake opened to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Many critics have lauded Claire and Parson’s stunning performances and others have credited the little kid wholeheartedly.


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